Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank you sunshine, for making me too so fair. Hahaha. That's one of the reason why I loveee sunshine, (Excluding direct sunlight. 12pm-5pm). Haih, so Fake. Kso, my hair is getting longer, and so darn messy. Ceayah. Hmm, I am going to cut my hair soon, on January 2010 maybe. The last time, having a hair cut was in September. Before Eid. Bye bye Hehair (my hair's name) bahaha, walaww. Oh, I've been thinking, and considering to straighten my hair. I asked my friends' and family's opinion, and most of them told me not to straighten my locks. Yeah, my hair is so boring, nothing Extravaganza, nothing special and just the same like other wavy-haired girls. I don't wanna look the same. Haha. Mengada. I want to be ... different.

I really miss the times when my mom did many hairstyles, since I was a young girl till I was 12 years old. I miss the braids, pig-tailer style, tiny braids, i don't know the names laaaaah. Hmm, name it, My mom loved to do my hair. It was fun, I miss being a kid. I miss wearing pinafore to school. I miss the times when I was in Kindergarden, wearing the cute mini skirts and having a lot of boy-friends. Haha. My very first best friend was Mohd Imran, he was short, hihi, but, I didn't meet him or 7 years already. Why so long ha? I miss bullying the Sikh girl, when I was in Year 1, haha, Samseng wo. With my group. Fathin, Joey, Syazana. Hahaha. We bellied her, like, *not bully actually*, called her Busuk, Inadey, Pensebok(penyebok), and much more. Wahaha. So funny. And we argued with the seniors, wahaha. And the times when I got 100% for English, Maths, Bm and Agama (Year 1), I was like so proud, whatteheck? Hahahaha.

Then, we moved to KL >> Setiawangsa >> Sg Long (D-Storey) >> Sg Long (Condo) >> Impian Setia >> Impian ....(won't tell to strangers. haha) EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Nothing much to say now, just some random pictures will do. (This entire week)
kay, byebye. Nighty nights, me loves yah!


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