Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebrating being Women
 We should celebrate womanhood every day, but it's good to have an official reminder to do so today.
We are Women, hear us roar!
Theary with accomplished Khmer women of Phnom Penh at Bunleng's birthday party, including a former Secretary of State of the Foreign Ministry to a medical doctor with a degree from France (March 2013)
Recently at church, an amiable looking young man reminded everyone of the upcoming March 8, International Women's Day celebration for all the women there, "the day when the men gave rights to the women". 
Let me provide a gentle correction to this young man and everyone else, as it is not the first time I've heard a similar heresy, even among the women themselves. (Several years back I heard women teased each other that it is the one day they have the right to beat up the men.)
MARCH 8 is NOT the "day the men gave rights to the women."
Rather, March 8
is a day we set aside
(both men and women)
(not subject to sale or transfer; birth)
RIGHTS women have with the men
On this March 8, our hearts and prayers in particular go out to
the Khmer women who are suffering from:
domestic violence,
gang rape ("bauk"),
trafficking, and
violent land evictions.  (Go, Boeung Kak Women!)


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